Protecting your aircraft has never been so easy!


At AGL, we love flying as much as you do. We understand the importance of protecting your aviation assets with comprehensive coverage. With over 50 years of experience in general aviation, we know what it takes to provide hassle-free aircraft insurance solutions that cater to the wide range aircraft ownership needs. Whether you own a single-engine private plane, or manage an entire fleet of commercial planes, AGL offers tailored insurance options that provide peace of mind. Our step-by-step aircraft insurance process ensures that you receive coverage that meets your specific requirements: 

Step 1: Personalized Consultation

At AGL, we believe in personalized service. During the initial consultation, our experienced insurance experts will take the time to understand your mission profile, aircraft type, and coverage preferences. This in-depth discussion allows us to tailor an insurance package that addresses your specific risk and need. 

Step 2: Coverage Assessment

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your insurance requirements. We have access to a wide network of reputable insurers, enabling us to offer competitive rates and coverage options for every budget and operational requirement. 

Step 3: Tailored Insurance Solution

After analyzing the data and comparing various insurance plans, we will present you with a customized insurance solution that aligns with your individual goals. Our team will explain the coverage details, including liability, hull, and optional add-ons, ensuring that you fully understand the protection your aircraft will receive. 

Step 4: On-Going Support

Beyond simply obtaining coverage for your aircraft, AGL believes client satisfaction is rooted in relationships. Our team is available to provide ongoing support, from assisting with policy renewals and updates to claims processing. Our goal is to be your trusted aviation insurance partner for life. 

Traver's insurance

Let us help you navigate the insurance on your new aircraft! AirMart highly recommends that you work with the professionals at Travers & Associates. Aviation insurance is unique and needs to be handled by an expert. AirMart has partnered with Travers & Associates to help you navigate this aspect of aircraft ownership.

Why Travers?

Travers & Associates has been insuring aircraft since 1950. We are one of the largest Aviation Insurance specialists in the industry. It is our volume of business along with our breadth of experience that makes us the best fit for you.

Why not use my local agent?

Many Aviation insurance policies are negotiated between the agency and the carrier. Especially when it is a new purchase or transition risk. Your local agency may not have the relationships or even the contacts to help you and can often actually hurt your insurability. Most aviation insurance carriers will only work with one agent at a time on your account and therefore you could find yourself “blocked out” from preferred pricing and terms.

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